SIP Trunking

Save and add flexibility to your existing phone system infrastructure.

SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) helps businesses free up from traditional phone system providers and still use their existing compatible phone system and take advantage of VoIP Service delivered through their Internet Connection.

What is SIP Trunking or SIP Lines?

SIP stands for “Session Initiation Protocol”, which is the technology used to carry voice calls over a data network. A SIP trunk is a virtual line that uses your internet circuit to connect incoming and outgoing calls through a third party network. These phone lines are “software” based, and not delivered physically through cabling in your office.

Can SIP Trunks replace multiple individual lines?

Absolutely! The beauty of SIP is that it’s all software based so you can have a large number of trunks connected on your phone system. SIP trunk channels calls along the internet connection instead of a dedicated physical line for each phone number, so adding more “call channels” is as simple as a quick call to us.

Why use Greenlink for my SIP trunking needs?

Our SIP trunks are only $24.99 per trunk, per month, making them an affordable, sensible solution for companies with SIP compatible equipment that want to take a step towards Cloud VoIP but are not ready to retire their existing phone system. Better yet our service allow 2 calls per trunk, and this gives you double the industry average. So if you are looking to have capacity for 16 concurrent calls, you only need to add 8 Greenlink SIP trunks to your account, and you will achieve that 16 concurrent call requirement. In conclusion, you can immediately lower your monthly phone bill, by moving to Greenlink as your phone service provider.

How do I know how many trunks I should have?

If you have been tracking the incoming and outgoing calls for your business, you should be able to pinpoint the maximum number of lines in use at any given time. Add a few extra lines to that number in case of a potential higher peak usage, and that is the number of SIP trunks you need. If you don’t have access to this data, a good rule of thumb is one SIP trunk for every 2-3 users. Remember, you can always add additional SIP trunks with ease if you find you are a line or two shy of handling maximum call capacity.

How do I decide between going full Cloud or SIP?

This is a business decision, but customers that have a system which they are happy with or are not ready to retire, can take the first step to going to the cloud by taking their phone service to the Cloud, instead of using a local carrier and all of the costs and physical installation associated with it. By moving your phone lines to the cloud the customer will enjoy reduced costs, unlimited calling within the U.S. Canada and Puerto Rico, and the agility to increase number of channels (lines) with a simple phone call.

What if my current phone system does not support SIP?

Greenlink was built around flexibility for our clients. If your system is not compatible with SIP, we can deliver SIP by using one of our gateway devices, included at no additional cost with our service. This device connects over the internet to our Greenlink Cloud and gets configured with your SIP account. The device can then handoff your SIP trunks via either a PRI connection or an analog line connection. In this method, trunks can be purchased in blocks of 6.

Greenlink SIP services are designed to allow our clients to take advantage regardless of your current situation. Even if their Phone System is not compatible with SIP, we can deliver SIP with our flexible options below.

cloudwifidotSIP to PRI

SIP is delivered by using a local gateway device (included for free with service). SIP is delivered from our cloud to the device and a PRI port is provided to interface with your phone system equipment.

phonedotSIP to Analog

SIP is delivered by using a local gateway device (included for free with service). SIP is delivered from our cloud to the device and Analog port are provided to interface with your phone system equipment

Ordering SIP trunks from GreenLink

Ordering SIP trunks is just as easy as ordering other services from GreenLink

Step 1: Sign Up

To be connected with a local authorized Greenlink Partner.

Step 2: Onboarding

You will work with our local partner to select the type of SIP handoff you need, and the number of trunks. Our trunks are 2-way trunks so you might only need half of the number of current lines.

Step 3: Go-Live

For traditional SIP you will receive an email with configuration information. For SIP to PRI or Analog options a pre-configured gateway device will be shipped to you with instructions.

SIP trunking saves money. It’s that simple.

Call us at (888) 972 8802, or Email us and one of our Cloud Specialists will be more than happy to assist you.

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