Enjoy Included Features with GreenLink!

Unlike many VoIP providers, GreenLink doesn’t require you to pay extra for basic business phone features. Our cloud-based PBX service includes a wide range of standard options at no charge, as well as plan-specific features covered in the monthly price. All of our phone service features are designed to help you maintain continuity, improve your customer satisfaction ratings, and take your business to the next level.


With GreenLink, there are no set-up fees or installation charges. In addition, we provide the following services at no extra charge for new customers

Free Number Porting

Keeping your established business phone numbers is important. We port your existing local numbers to GreenLink at no charge, so there’s no break in contact between you and your customers.

Free Local Numbers (DID)

If you don’t already have business phone numbers (or need additional ones), GreenLink will provide you with new local numbers free of charge and set up Directed Inward Dialing (DID).

Free Toll-Free Number

A complimentary toll-free number is available on request, making it easier for customers to reach you anytime, from anywhere. (Standard per-minute rates apply. Additional toll-free numbers available for a fee.)

Every service plan also comes with:

  • Unlimited calling within the U.S., Canada, and Puerto Rico
  • Unlimited inbound faxing and fax to email delivery

Customer Satisfaction

Customer service should always be your top priority. These features are designed to help you handle every incoming call quickly and professionally, so your customers feel valued


Callers appreciate auto-attendants that can quickly route them to the right person. This valuable feature is included on all service plans, with an advanced version for Plus and Premium users. Use to create multi-leveled sales, support, and billing groups.

Shared Call Appearance

Having an extension ringing through to several phones at once allows for calls to be answered quickly by the first available representative. This feature reduces ring and wait time, keeping your customers happier.

Personalized on Hold Music

For those occasions when a customer must be placed on hold, you can add your own music or professionally recorded on-hold commercials to keep callers entertained. (Available on Plus and Premium plans; Pro plans include basic Music-On-Hold options.)

Each of our service plans also comes with:

  • Call parking, allowing calls on hold to be easily picked up on any extension
  • Dial by name directory, allowing specific extensions to be quickly reached

Unified Communications

Communication inside your company is just as important as communication with your customer base. These enhanced UC features keep information flowing smoothly.

Conference Bridge

Need to network? A permanent conference bridge is always at the ready for team members to jump on and share information from multiple locations. (Included with Plus and Premium plans; available as an add-on for Pro users.)

Voicemail to Email

Dialing your voicemail and following prompts is so 2010. Our voicemail to email feature allows you to check messages from anywhere, using your desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

Fax to Email

Get your faxes on the go! Faxes can be retrieved in digital format from your workstation, smartphone, or tablet – and are easily shared via email with other staff workers or even external contacts as needed.

All of our service plans also come with:

  • Intercom options for communicating with the entire staff at once
  • Group paging options if you need to signal a specific group or department

Premium Features

Our Premium plan offers advanced features for businesses that are large enough to need additional quality control and call routing options:

Call Recording

Call recording allows you to record incoming and outgoing calls for a single user, group of users, or every line in your company. This feature is helpful for training purposes or complaint resolution.

Silent Call Barging

A supervisor or manager can enter a call if needed to coach or observe a team member – without being heard by the customer. This feature is excellent for training new hires or helping with a difficult call.

Attendant Console

This desktop / web based application allows a receptionist desk to be outfitted with a visual way to manage calls, permitting instant conferencing, call transfers, or call to voicemail direction on command.

Our Plus and Premium service plans also come with:

  • Advanced call management to streamline call handling
  • Call log reporting for record keeping and reference purposes

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