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What does “The Cloud” mean?

The term “moving to the cloud” can be confusing –how exactly does it work? While it sounds nebulous and “otherworldly”, the cloud is actually made up of computer servers at various remote physical locations, and the services provided via The Cloud are typically delivered via the internet.

But – What is the Cloud Used for?

The cloud can be used to store files, secure data transmissions, or route phone calls. When you “move to the cloud”, you remotely take advantage of the software and systems stored at the remote physical locations. If you use Gmail, Netflix, Dropbox, or even online banking, you are already using “the cloud”.

The Cloud also provides a different way of consuming a product or service, as it replaces having to make a large capital investment in infrastructure with paying as a service (operating expense).

So – How does a Cloud-Based Hosted Phone System Work?

When you use a cloud-based phone system, your inbound and outbound calls transmit over secure internet lines, travelling to secure state-of-the-art data facilities before being delivered to the desired destination. All the customer needs is a device with a reliable internet connection to take advantage of high quality voice calling with business VoIP phone service.

Wait – Is Cloud-Based Service Reliable?

Absolutely! First, Cloud-based providers like GreenLink have implemented full redundant systems at multiple geographical locations to ensure service continuity. For the customer’s location, Internet speeds available today are more than capable of fully supporting an internet based service, and the savings achieved by moving your phone system to the cloud can allow for redundant internet connections.

In addition to that if your regular office or store location is closed due to inclement weather or a natural disaster, you can still make and receive calls by accessing your network from a temporary base of operations, a hotel, or even your home. Power or internet outage? No problem – Incoming calls will still be able to reach the Cloud Phone Service, and allow the caller to navigate through your automated attendant, reach the desired extension, leave a message that will follow the end user via their mobile device with find-me, follow-me functionality. This all happens automatically.

Be Honest – is it really that Easy to “Move to the Cloud”?

Yes. All it takes is a few simple steps. Select your plan, tell us how many extensions you need, weigh in with our technical team so we can customize your system,  and your plug-and-play equipment arrives. We’ll even port your existing numbers or assign you new ones for free!

Hold On – What about Employees who are Mobile or Work from Home?

Since Cloud Phone Services only require an internet connection, companies can have staff members’ setup with a phone at their home office or temporary work location. If that employee is on the move, voicemail messages left for him or her will be forwarded via email or with features like follow me, those calls can follow to a mobile device.

Our company has a limited budget – Can the cloud really save us money?

By hosting your business phone system in the cloud, you eliminate the need for an on-site PBX, or expensive physical outlets and wiring installed by a traditional phone carrier. You eliminate the system from the closet, don’t have to pay per-minute costs for every call, nationwide calling is included and the system comes with unlimited support from our technical team. In addition, the price per extension is lower than traditional providers and you get all the business phone features that the big companies enjoy!

We already have IP Phones – Do we need to purchase new phones?

At Greenlink, we believe in providing flexible options to our clients. Our Business VoIP Services are compatible with most IP enabled business phones including Yealink, Grandstream, Cisco, Polycom, and many other manufacturers. Call or chat with us to find out if your existing phones are compatible.

We have a phone system and are not looking to change it – Can we still use Greenlink?

Yes, you can! If you are not ready to go full Cloud, you can replace your traditional phone line service with VoIP Phone Lines (SIP Trunks). If you have a SIP compatible system, you can take advantage of the power of VoIP and connect SIP lines to your system.  Even if your system is not SIP compatible, we can deliver SIP by using a local Gateway device that connects to Greenlink via your network and the internet and the Gateway can provide either a PRI (Voice T1) or Analog connection.  Greenlink provides options for every scenario, in order to allow the client to have total flexibility.

Do we have to sign a long term contract?

Nope. Our customer agreements are 12 months, and we also provide month to month agreement. Again, we are flexible.

Growth is in our Company’s Future. How to I make sure we plan for growth?

Adding additional extensions is easy with cloud-based business VoIP. Just give us a call and we can quickly configure a new extension, add a number to your service, and ship you an additional phones if needed. With Greenlink services capacity or outgrowing the system is not a concern.

What if something goes wrong – Are you there for us?

Our technical department and support team is there for you with unlimited support. Since 99% of changes or problems can be addressed remotely, you can be confident that any issues will be swiftly and professionally resolved.

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